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Bella ❤ Adopted!!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

*** ADOPTED!! *** Joined the family as: Dumped on dad when son moved out of the house Type: 3yr, 55lb, female, GSD Issues: Unaltered, not vaccinated or chipped, Behavior confined to outside pen or small kennel in the home, spinning in circles, chases flies, barks, anxiety panting

Before we met Bella we asked the owner if he wanted to keep Bella if she behaved better and his response was 50/50. So, we asked the owner to get Bella spayed, vaccinated and chipped for her health and in preparation of potentially rehoming her.

When we met Bella she was confined 24/7 because her owner didn't know how to temper her anxiety and he feared for his little dogs. We met with Bella and her owner and set her up initially to be calm to prepare for further training. We provided an appropriate sized kennel for in the home and explained to the owner that she needed more emotional stimulation as a working breed dog.

Bella loves people and will likely do well with larger dog companions with a proper introduction. She is craving structure and attention and is truly a diamond in the rough!

Check out the video of Bella learning calm in just a few minutes, her owner is putting in the effort and now takes her for more meaningful walks.

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