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Kahlúa ❤ Jennifer

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Kahlúa was adopted two years ago during CoVid, and like so many pups over the past couple of years, didn't have the opportunity to socialize with people. When we got the call to rehome Kahlúa we of course asked "Why?".

Kahlúa was starting to show aggression to people when they came into the home and there were times when he was perfectly sweet and then would turn and snap at the person petting him. People often think the answer is that their dog isn't happy in their home and maybe he would be happier and better behaved in a new home. We think this is just passing the buck and more times than not, this pet would do best in the home they are in with the benefit of structure!

We show dog owners that there is a way to have a calm home with a happy dog and have guests come and go without the worry of getting bit!

Check out Kahlúa being calm with strangers in the room! Look at his body language, the calmest state a dog can be in is with his head on the floor and he has no worry that he needs to take control of the room. He is also sporting our BullyStrong leather lead! Isn't he handsome!!

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