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Mafia ❤ Maison

Joined the family as: shelter rescue Type: 4yr, 75lb, Blue Nose Pit Issues: Behavior > Flattens out on a walk for hours requiring the owner to carry him home - Reactive to other dogs - Pulls on a walk - walker uses a harness - no active attention span

Congratulations Maison for putting in the work to improve Mafia’s behavior on a walk! Maison now has the tools she needs to build her confidence to have a safe and pleasurable walk with this big hunky boy. She has put in the 1 week of preliminary focus work to prepare Mafia for our initial meet and he is on the right path to remain in his happy home with Maison! I am proud of both of them! I can’t wait to catch up in a couple of weeks to get Mafia and his dog buddy next door on walk together.

Check out the picture of Maison & Mafia on their walk and Mafia is wearing his new BullyStrong Leash system and showing off his leash manner skills beautifully!

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