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The cover picture is Rex, he came in a sweet fun dog and has deteriorated to the point of endangering kennel staff and volunteers. He is abandoned in his kennel and is severely neglected because of a fired MCACC Behavior Team. He is now scheduled to be killed.


The Killing continues and if you would like to see NextDoor and Facebook posts about happy dog adoption stories and not RIP stories then make your voices heard! Pick any story that touches you and send your questions and demands daily, copy your local media, make this a priority so we can stop the suffering.

This is the list of your appointed Murderers, add your local elected officials and BOS - Take a stance now! Feel free to copy me so I can collect the responses, don't take a cut and pasted response as closure, demand an answer!

John.Kindig@Maricopa.Gov <John.Kindig@Maricopa.Gov>

Valerie.Beckett@Maricopa.Gov <Valerie.Beckett@Maricopa.Gov>

Andy.Linton@Maricopa.Gov <Andy.Linton@Maricopa.Gov> <>

Christopher.Carlisle@Maricopa.Gov <Christopher.Carlisle@Maricopa.Gov>

Crystal.Enojos@Maricopa.Gov <Crystal.Enojos@Maricopa.Gov> <> <> <> <> <>

Michael Mendel (ACC) <>

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